Hungary Golden Visa Program is Reopening

Hungary is Restarting the Hungary Golden Visa Program

On November 14, 2023, a new Golden Visa Program bill was introduced to the parliament by the Hungarian government. With this new program bill returning after six years, Hungary is poised to become one of the primary choices among European countries offering citizenship through investment. The program, awaiting parliamentary approval, is anticipated to be implemented in the fourth quarter of 2024.

What is the Hungary Golden Visa Program?

The Hungary Golden Visa Program is a government-supported "Residency by Investment" program, designed for investors and business owners. Under this program, investors can become homeowners by making real estate investments in their preferred regions of Hungary. Additionally, obtaining the Hungary Golden Visa is possible by supporting the country's economy through fund investments or making an investment through a donation to a public trust. The Hungary Golden Visa program also offers investors European Union citizenship status. There are no country restrictions, and investors and business owners from all around the world can apply for the program.

Hungary Residence Permit

According to the new program proposal, which has started to be referred to as the Hungary Guest Investor Program, investors eligible for the Hungary Golden Visa are planned to have a residence permit for 10 years, unlike similar practices in Europe. At the end of the 10 years, the application can be renewed for another 10 years. The program also grants investors the right to include their spouses and children under 18 in their applications without an additional fee. There is no minimum language proficiency or education requirement for applicants and their families. Applications are typically approved within 4-6 months. Upon approval, your Hungary identity card is delivered to you without the need to visit the capital. One of the significant advantages of the Hungary Golden Visa program is the absence of a permanent residency requirement. This allows investors to continue their residence in their home countries without interruption and travel as they wish.

European Union Citizenship

The Hungary Golden Visa Program stands out as one of the ideal options for those aiming an alternative future in Europe. The investment you make in Hungary not only provides financial returns but also brings the opportunity to obtain European citizenship status and, as a result, benefit from a range of advantages. In this context, investors and their family members are granted the opportunity to travel visa-free to European Union countries and the Schengen Area. Hungary's strategic central location provides a key transportation advantage, offering easy and fast access to other European countries. Additionally, Hungary extends access to European standard healthcare services and education for foreign nationals. Thus, Hungary emerges not only as a financially rewarding investment but also as a strategic investment offering satisfying living conditions both financially and in terms of quality of life.

Living Standards in Budapest

Hungary offers various options for real estate investment in different regions of the country. While the capital, Budapest, stands out with its rich culture and vibrant atmosphere, border regions provide easy access to other European countries, and holiday areas gain importance with their tranquility.

Budapest, with its status as the capital and advanced facilities, has effective urban transportation options, offering additional advantages to those considering investment in Hungary. The city is equipped with electric trams, a metro, and a bus network, providing a convenient transportation experience for both locals and visitors. Budapest is also a very pedestrian-friendly city; especially when the weather is nice, it allows you to explore the city on foot. The combination of its historical charm, diverse real estate options, and excellent transportation infrastructure makes Hungary an attractive location for those interested in real estate investment in Hungary.

What are the advantages of the Hungary Golden Visa program?

The Hungary Golden Visa program enables investors and their family members to obtain a residency permit without any residency obligation, providing access to healthcare and education services and offering the opportunity to acquire European citizenship status, allowing you to benefit from additional rights.

Why should I invest in Hungary?

Hungary is one of the European countries that stands out with affordable and good living standards for investors. In contrast to other European countries like Portugal and Spain with Golden Visa programs, the Hungarian government does not impose a residency requirement on investors. This allows you to continue your residence in your home country without interruption and take advantage of the benefits of your investment in Hungary.

Is Hungary a Schengen country?

Yes, Hungary is a Schengen country. Thus, Hungarian citizens can travel to other European countries visa-free.

Is there a minimum age limit to apply for the program?

There is a minimum age limit of 18 to apply for the program.

What are the application requirements for the Hungary Golden Visa program?

Clean criminal records and official documents proving financial assets are sufficient for the application. There are no language or education level requirements.

What are the investment options for the 2024 Hungary Golden Visa program?

Applicants are provided with investment options, such as real estate investment, fund investment, and investment through donations to public trusts.

Can citizens of other countries legally apply to the program?

Yes, there is no legal obstacle in this regard.

Is there a residency obligation after obtaining the Residence Permit?

There is no residency obligation after obtaining the residence permit. However, upon your wish you can reside in the country temporarily or permanently.

How long does the approval process take for applications?

Applications are approved within 4-6 months.