Buying Real Estate in Grenada

Grenada, located in the West Indies of the Caribbean Sea, is a country that has experienced significant growth in its real estate market and opportunities since 2018. The coastal areas of Grenada are particularly popular for rental properties and are often considered as a seasonal investment, offering high potential for returns.

In 2013, Grenada introduced a citizenship-by-investment program as a means to boost its economy. Investors can obtain citizenship and a second passport within four to six months through this program. Grenada also maintains close relationships with the United States and China. It is the only country that offers visa-free access to China through its investment citizenship and second passport. Additionally, Grenada has an E-2 Investor Visa Treaty with the United States, which means that individuals with a Grenada passport can work in the U.S.

To qualify for citizenship, you need to invest a minimum of $220,000 or $350,000 in a public licensed real estate project. This property is part of the citizenship program, and its sale is prohibited for five years following the acquisition of citizenship.