Buying Real Estate in Greece

Greece, a holiday paradise in the Mediterranean Sea, offers the added advantage of EU citizenship. By purchasing real estate worth 250,000 Euros, you gain the freedom and right to travel and reside in the Schengen area.

The Greek Golden Visa program provides you and your family with an opportunity to live in Greece, without limitations on the amount of time you can stay in the country each year. Finding the right real estate investment presents a chance for significant short-term returns. Greece's investment program is highly regarded and has seen a 100% increase since 2019, making it one of the most distinguished investment programs in the EU.

You have the flexibility to buy real estate anywhere in Greece and generate rental income in Euros. Athens, the capital city, is an excellent location for investment with its vibrant real estate market.

Greece will captivate you with its rich history and stunning sights. As a highly touristic destination, language barriers are minimal, and you can easily connect with people and experience their warmth. Profitable investment opportunities await you beneath the real estate offerings in Athens, Rhodes, and Patra.Stay informed by joining our e-newsletter.

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